Technology and Weddings

unplugged-weddings-on-black-bridal-bliss-2The other day I was on Facebook and there was a picture of a groom looking around guests to see his bride coming down the aisle.  The photographer, Thomas Stewart, posted a plea online for guests to put away their cell phones, iPads and even cameras and enjoy the wedding.  I couldn’t agree more with Mr. Stewart.  Technology is great and advances happen every day. There was a saying that once you bought a car and drove it off the lot, the car depreciated in value and that is still true.  But think about, now you get a new phone and within 3-6 months, it is “old” because a newer model has come out.  I love my cell phone and would be lost without it.  It contains my contacts, pictures, appointments and many other things. But I have found that it is ok to be without it for a while.  Weddings should be one of those places that are unplugged.

Guests, be in the moment and actually “be there” for the couple and not trying to get the best picture to place online.  Many couples want to post their wedding pictures first so guests, please don’t ruin their joy. Professional photographers know better than us amateurs how to get the best shot.  They have spent their lives learning techniques and taking hundreds and hundreds of photographs to be able to showcase their talent for the benefit of those paying for the pictures.  Be respectful of their time and talent.

Brides and Grooms, ask your guests to not take pictures at the wedding and reception.  My daughter and I attended a wedding where that was requested and you know what?  We didn’t miss not having our phones out to take a photo.  We actually enjoyed talking with the happy couple and other guests.  Consider slipping a notice in your wedding invitation.  And then write your request on a nice chalkboard before the ceremony will let your guests know you want an unplugged wedding.  If your family and friends love you, then they will be happy to honor your request.

In this day and age where technology is moving faster and faster, actually taking a break from our cell phones should become a necessity in order to find a better balance in our lives.  If you are going to a wedding soon, remember you are there because you love the bride and groom.  They specifically choose you to share in their happiness as they start a new life together.  Don’t miss a special moment at a wedding, or any other event, because you were looking through your cell phone’s lens.

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