Why Handwriting Thank Notes Is Important

20626Let’s face it, technology has taken over our lives and that includes our weddings.  Now proposals are photographed and posted online, announcements of an engagement are done via Facebook, traditional RSVP cards are set aside in favor of an online RSVP and many couples have online wedding websites.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the instant connection I have with my friends and family and I have definitely RSVP’d to a wedding online.  Does writing a thank you note to your guests have to be lost to technology?  I would say no, it does not.

Handwriting a thank you note shows your guests that you “took the time” to think about them personally and isn’t that what a couple wants their guests to think?  That they are valued, appreciated and loved?  I hand wrote every shower and wedding thank you note and while it was time consuming and took me several weeks to get finished, I felt a sense of accomplishment and connection with my guests.

What should you include in your handwritten note?  First, always thank your guest for the wedding gift.  Be sure to be specific as to what the gift was so your guest doesn’t think this is a generic thank you card.  Tell your guest, if possible, what you plan to do with the gift.  If your guest attended your wedding, be sure to tell them how wonderful it was to see them.  If your guest could not attend your wedding, tell them that you missed them and if possible, mention getting together at a later date.  At the conclusion of your card, thank them again for their thoughtfulness.

Writing thank you notes does not have to be a laborious chore.  Set about writing 5-10 cards every couple of days and you should be done in record time.  And this task does not belong exclusively to the bride as many grooms prefer to write thank you notes to their family, friends and business associates.  Plus dividing the work up makes it go faster and is way more fun when done together. 🙂

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