What To Do With The Items From Your Wedding

300xNxsell-wedding-stuff-ebook.jpg.pagespeed.ic.8VaMsiDiCAYour wedding is over and it was wonderful.  There are great pictures of the ceremony and reception to look at and sigh over.  But then you look over at the corner where you have piled up all your wedding decorations.  Of course, you sigh again but this time the sigh is more like agony.  What do you do with all that wedding stuff?

Table Decorations – whether you have a large or small wedding, you are bound to have loads of decorations left over.  If you are unable to use them in your own home, try re-purposing them into gifts or offering them to your friends or family.  Another way to get rid of them in mass is to offer them online socially through Facebook, Instagram or eBay.  My niece bought hers from an online garage sale site on Facebook.  Remember to be reasonable with your pricing; you are trying to get them out of your house after all.

Flowers – if you decided on real flowers for your wedding and reception tables, consider donating them to a hospital or nursing home.  The patients and residents will love looking at your beautiful flowers.  If you have artificial flowers, break them down into small arrangements for your home or use them to make wreaths for your front door or other craft projects.

Candles – depending on the size of the candles, you can give those as to your family and friends.  But if you used tea lights as part of your decorations, you might try selling them as a large group, however, since they are fairly inexpensive, you could just throw them away.

Shoes – I personally don’t see the need to get rid of your shoes.  If they are all white, you can still wear them during the summer months but another option is to get them dyed.  It is advisable though to have a professional dye them.

Dress – this can be a hard decision for brides.  Every one of us hopes to have a daughter to pass our dress down to.  But what if our daughter hates the dress?  It has now taken up space for years only to be rejected.  One option that is very popular is to “trash” your dress. Personally I am not for this option but some brides want to do it.  If you do, be creative and have fun.  Be sure to get pictures too. Other options include dying the dress, altering it to a shorter cocktail dress, selling it or donating it to charity.  Selling your dress means you will not get what you paid for it so be aware of that should you decide to sell.

Helping other brides by selling or donating your wedding items can bring such joy.  Be on the look out before your wedding for opportunities to pass your wedding items along. The best part of getting rid of these items is that you have more space in your home for things that you and your spouse will use today!


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