What Colors Shouldn’t Be Worn To A Wedding?


Have you ever thought about the color of the outfit you were going to wear to a wedding? Most people probably don’t but you really should.  I was at a friend’s wedding last weekend and two of her cousins wore white to her wedding. Really? White?  Isn’t that reserved for the bride? Yes, traditionally it is and most people I have found do still follow that rule.  It is also best not to wear colors that are in the same family as white such as ivory, beige or cream. So if you shouldn’t wear white to a wedding, what other colors should not be worn?

Well let’s go the opposite direction of white and say black.  Wearing black to a wedding usually says that you don’t approve of the wedding and are in mourning. That is a harsh statement to make with your clothes.  It is probably better if you stay home.

What you wear should make the bride feel comfortable with you and not that she has to compete against you for attention.  Staying away from the bridal party colors will also show respect for the bridesmaids.  Of course, if you have an outfit that has the same colors in it but isn’t too bold, I would say go for it.  I have a navy blue dress that I am dying to wear to my cousin’s wedding but since her colors are yellow and blue, it just isn’t appropriate.  Maybe I can wear it to her bridal shower though.

Be sure to look at what season the wedding is being held in.  Fall weddings are great but you shouldn’t wear a pale pink dress.  The color and season just don’t match.  But if you go to a Spring wedding, then your pink dress will fit right in.  Glittery dresses should not be worn as they could be perceived as too distracting or you can’t wait to leave the wedding to go to a party.

Overall, take the time to think carefully what you want to wear to a wedding.  If you are unsure, give the bride or bridesmaid a call and ask them.  I am sure they would be more than happy to help you choose an outfit so that you can come to the wedding and have a good time.  Remembering that you are there for the happy couple will always place you on the right side of any decision.  Good Luck!

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