Wedding Table Decorations

During a wedding, a bride and bridegroom wants everything to be perfect. The food, the decorations, the ambience, the location and everything involved in it. Decorations form an integral part of any wedding party or reception.

Table decorations are one of the most important and perhaps the most ignored parts of the wedding decorations. People often tend to ignore or overlook the importance the table decoration in a wedding party.

The primary task is to choose the correct shape and size of the table that is a perfect match with the locale as well as the ambience. There are various shapes of tables that are available in the market. The shapes include square, rectangle, triangle, oval and circular. Now-a-days the unsymmetrical tables are gaining popularity as a part of the total wedding theme.

The tables also come in various materials. There are glass tables with wrought iron legs, glass tables with wooden legs, glass tables with marble legs and also total wooden tables. The materials are to be chosen according to the budget and decorative requirements of the wedding party.table-decoration-ideas

The table cloth is the first thing that catches the eye. The table cloth must be of a perfect shape. It should neither be too big nor too small. The table cloth must be of soothing color and not too jazzy. It must be in alignment with the overall decorative theme. Exclusive handmade table cloths add a touch of exclusivity to the whole décor.

The center piece kept on the table is also very important. The options are limited only with imagination.

Various kinds of candles are the popular choice as the center piece for the tables. Candles come in various sizes and shapes, starting from cupid to heart, which can be used in the wedding decorations. Aromatic candles are also being used, to add a unique touch to the atmosphere.

Beautiful vases, with lovely flower dos are also used as the center pieces for the table. Colorful vases along with colorful flowers make the environment vibrant as well as jubilant.

In many wedding parties, the center piece is actually a small statue, with small lights giving an accent to it. This gives the table a very artistic look and adds to the overall charm.

Many wedding parties have specific tables allotted to specific people. For such an arrangement a wedding theme card-holder is an appropriate center piece. These card-holders either carry table numbers or names of the individuals who are supposed to occupy the table.

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