Wedding Reception Decorations

wedding reception decorMost couples like to be involved in every aspect of planning their wedding day, especially the bride to be. More than likely, she has dreamed of the perfect wedding day for quite some time. Depending upon the size of the wedding and expected budget, some couples just “approve” certain aspects of their wedding while others are more hands on. Two great examples of this were the weddings of my two sisters. My younger sister fell in love and just wanted to get married. The budget for her wedding was limited. She had a small, intimate wedding and did her own wedding reception decorations.

The morning of her wedding she got up bright and early and took her bridesmaids and her wedding reception decorations down to her venue and everyone put them up. My older sister had planned for her wedding for quite awhile. Her and her fiance saved their money for a big and elaborate wedding. My sister did absolutely nothing but approve wedding reception decorations, food, flowers, etc. Now if you compare the two weddings they were as different as night and day, but both weddings were perfect for each of my sisters. Though my younger sister did a bit more legwork and hands on decorating then my older sister, both weddings were beautiful and memorable. If you are planning your wedding and want to put up your own wedding reception decorations, go right ahead. If you are planning a wedding and don’t want to do a thing but be a princess for the day, that is fine too. Just do whatever it may take to make your day special and focus on the true meaning of the wedding, committing your life to your soul mate.

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