Wedding Reception Decorating

Though some brides and grooms break the bank on their wedding reception, others want something a bit more affordable. No one can really say which way is right and which is wrong, it is a decision that the couple must make on their own. Whatever they decide, their wedding will still be a wonderful and special day. When my baby brother was married two years ago, him and his fiancee did not have much money to spend on a wedding. They truly just wanted to be husband and wife. They attempted to cut corners in every way possible. One of those ways that was most successful involved the wedding reception decorating. Instead of having someone who worked at their venue do the decorating, together with their wedding party they did the wedding reception decorating. Luckily my brother’s soon to be wife was both crafty and frugal. They searched in craft stores, fabric stores, and discount stores for just the right elements. When the big day arrived it looked as if the professionals did it and also it looked extremely expensive. I was one of the few that knew neither of those things were true. It was beautiful, classy, and spectacular. Though it took a bit of work, it saved my brother and future sister in law a whole lot of money. With doing the wedding reception decorating and cutting a few other corners, they were able to put a down payment on a house soon after their wedding day. If you are a couple that needs to save some money on their wedding, don’t hesitate in doing some things yourself. It can make a whole lot of difference as it did for my baby brother and sister-in-law. Good luck!

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