Tips to Choose the Perfect Wedding Shoes

wedding-shoesAfter you have found the perfect wedding dress, the next thing to choose is the shoes you are going to wear. Sometimes you already have a pair of shoes in your closet that will work.  But often a bride wants to get a new pair to match her wedding dress.  Here are some tips to choosing a new pair:

  • Do decide on the type of shoes you want.  Do you want to wear high heels, low heels, strapless, pumps, flats, wedges or flip flops?  There are many varieties of shoes to choose from.  You should also make sure the shoes coordinate with your venue.  Don’t wear high heels if your wedding is on the beach; remember you can always wear them at the reception though.
  • Do get a swatch of your wedding dress.  Unfortunately, not every shade of white matches.  Take the swatch with you when you look at shoes.  Or consider getting your shoes dyed to match your dress.
  • Do try on lots and lots of shoes.  Go to as many stores as you possibly can.  Try on shoes in various price points too.  Don’t go for the cheapest pair of shoes.  Find the pair that is most comfortable because you will be wearing them for several hours. Be open to trying on several different styles of shoes…even those that your mother picks out.
  • Do wedding shoes have to be white?  No, they don’t.  If you want to wear a pair of shoes that match your wedding colors, then do it.  I have also seen it where the bride’s shoes matched the groom’s tie.
  • Do wedding shoes have to be shoes?  No, they don’t.  Can wedding shoes actually be cowboy boots?  Yes, they can. Rustic weddings are very popular right now.  My sister is wearing cowboy boots in her wedding next year. Plus all the bridesmaids, the groom, and groomsmen — the entire wedding party will be in boots!
  • Do not, and I repeat, do not wait until the month of your wedding to get your shoes.  You need to wear your shoes around the house as much as possible to break them in.  If you get them too close to your wedding, you will be preoccupied with showers, parties and your rehearsal to properly break them in.  You definitely do not want to be on your feet for hours and all you can think about is how much your feet hurt.

As the bride, you will be on your feet all night greeting your guests, taking pictures and dancing.  Take the time to find the perfect shoes.  You will be so grateful that you took that time when your shoes are so comfortable that you don’t think about your feet during all the wedding festivities.

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