Sharing Paris With Your Guests


You have chosen to honeymoon in Paris and want to share your joy and excitement with your guests.  But how do you do that without actually taking your guests with you to Paris?  As much as they would like that, you and your beloved probably would not so check out some ideas below.

One way to share the excitement is with your wedding favors.  A Paris wedding favor is a gift you give to your guests for sharing your special day with them.  It can be a small or large gift depending on your budget.  A popular wedding favor is the place card holder.  It is used to display your guest’s name but once the place card is then taken home by your guest it can be used to display photos or reminders.

Another way to share Paris with your guests is with an Eiffel Tower Key Chain.  My sister-in-law wants to travel to Paris someday and when she attended a wedding and received an Eiffel Tower key chain, she immediately put it on her personal key chain.  She looks at it every day and is reminded of her dream to go there.

Consider having a cut out of the Eiffel Tower available for your guests to take a photograph with as well as props such as an artist’s hat, roses, glasses and mustaches.  It is a fun and creative way to share your excitement.  Consider decorating your reception tables with Paris themed items as well.  Maybe even add some French words on cards for your guests to try to pronounce while dinner is served.

The ideas are endless so let your creativity soar.  Your guests will enjoy getting a glimpse of the romance of Paris!


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