Planning an Autumn Wedding

Autumn has finally arrived and the colors of the trees make for some great wedding inspiration.  Many brides plan their weddings during this time of year because of the beautiful colors nature provide.  Personally nothing is prettier than reds, oranges, browns and yellows together.  Check out these leaves from Arkansas.  Don’t their beautiful colors inspire you?

Autumn Leaves

Color choices abound for Autumn weddings. Most brides like to use earthy colors such as the ones mentioned above however do not rule out using shades of blues, shades of greens, ivory or cream colors, and even cranberry or fuchsia.  Those colors help compliment a warm and earthly color palette.

Many brides also like to decorate with traditional Autumn items. These items can include pumpkins, leaves, apples, pine cones, nuts, candles, wood centerpieces and loads of greenery.  Of course, if those items do not appeal to you, then definitely choose your own style.  My wedding was the end of October and I used purple and ivory as my colors and choose violets, pansies and tons of candles and greenery to decorate my tables.

If you choose to use traditional Autumn decorations, consider first your wedding invitations and how you want to convey your theme.  Many invitations have leaves and trees on them showcasing breathtaking Autumn colors.  Your guests will immediately get into the season when they open your wedding invitation.

When choosing your bridesmaid dresses, Definitely do not put your bridesmaids in pale or pastel colors.  Those colors are more suited for spring or summer weddings.  Instead consider deep, rich colors such as browns, oranges, burgundy or even gem tones such as purple which will better suit the Autumn season.

Bridal and bridesmaid bouquets can also showcase the stunning Autumn colors.  Some great flowers to use are Asiatic Lilies, Dahlias, Gerbera Daisies, Chrysanthemums, Calla Lilies and Roses. All of these flowers come in a variety of colors and will make your bouquets really stand out.

Since the weather is cooler, many brides opt for outdoor weddings but because the weather can be unpredictable later in the year, make sure you have a backup plan.  This plan will help keep you calm even if the weather is raging outside.  For an outdoor wedding, consider having blankets on hand for your guests to use and also renting portable space heaters to keep everyone nice and cozy.

Taking cues from nature can provide the perfect blend of colors and texture that your guests are bound to remember for years to come.  Have fun and explore the many different colors available to create the wedding of your dreams.




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