How to Locate Elegant Wedding Favors

A wedding is such a wonderful and happy time in someone’s life. To be in love and promising to commit to that special someone. Everyone wants their wedding day to be special and picture perfect. Unfortunately this does not happen by magic, it usually happens with months and months of prior planning and decision making. From locating the wedding venue to choosing the wedding invitations to everything in between, there are lots of things to take care of for the big day. Though many choose to have “laid-back” or casual weddings, many opt for classy, elegant, and a sophisticated wedding day. If you are planning a wedding and fall into the latter group, one thing you are probably in the midst of searching for are elegant wedding favors.

Favors are used most often at the end of a wedding to give to each guest as a keepsake and thank you for sharing in the bride and grooms special day. There are countless styles, options, and price points to choose from. Because of the fact that many couples are on a budget for their wedding, elegant wedding favors do not have to be costly. I actually remember when I was planning my own wedding almost ten years ago, I went crazy looking for the perfect wedding favor. From extremely expensive silver salt and pepper shakers to cake servers to christmas ornaments (I was married in December) to everything in between, I could not find one that I absolutely adored. What I ended up doing was giving small picture frames to each guest so they could put what they considered a special picture inside. Whether that picture was from my wedding or not, that was their choice. I just wanted them to have something special. Honestly they were quite inexpensive, everyone adored them, and I heard the word “elegant” used more then once or twice. So if you are in the same predicament as I was, remember that elegant usually is synonymous with memorable. Show your guests that you cared and you really put your heart into deciding their elegant wedding favor. You will be overwhelmed at the heartfelt response you receive. Trust me and good luck!

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