How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Cake Toppers

70408Some things are all in the details. From the details of your dress to the flowers you supervise every step of the way. Giving the same attention to wedding cake toppers can help to make you wedding even more memorable. With a wide selection to choose from you are sure to find the perfect one.

The right topper could even be used after the wedding is over. With the styles available today they make wonderful reminders that you can set on a table or bookshelf to look at each day. These are for more than decoration; they are a lovely reminder of your special day for you and your groom.

A lot of these can be personalized. They may have your names and wedding date or just your initials. This may greatly depend on the topper you choose. Some are designed with your initials while others can have whatever you want engraved.

You can even add a picture of the bride and groom on top of the cake itself. This is a wonderful way to personalize things a bit. Rather than a plastic bride and groom, you have the actual couple there to view. Your biggest problem may be deciding which picture you want to use.

If you want to be creative then you could even make your very own topper. You can use artificial flowers and lace or ribbon and whatever else you want to make something you will love. This might also be a wonderful idea if you have a hard to place theme for your wedding. For a beach wedding you could even use sea shells.

You might want to have more than one topper especially if you have multiple cakes. You can link these to create a theme or use one central topper as a centerpiece. You could have your names on one and the wedding date on another.

Even the traditional toppers have come a long way. Aside from the bride and groom they even offer them for same sex weddings. They have a few that are comical with the bride dragging the groom to the altar. They also offer toppers for interracial weddings.

The Wedding Printer can provide a wide variety of wedding cake toppers. Start looking today and find the perfect one for you. It’s all about the couple getting married and helping them remember a special day in their lives for many years to come.

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