How to Avoid Wedding Cake Disasters

Best-Way-To-Freeze-Wedding-Cake-TopOne of the most eagerly anticipated things to see at a wedding, besides the bride, is the wedding cake.  Guests ask many questions about the wedding cake…How tall is it?  What flavor is it? What does the cake topper look like? Does it taste good?  Who made it? Every bride wants her wedding cake to look magnificent and for everyone to talk about it.  But do you know how to avoid a cake disaster?

A cake with too many flavors:  Choosing one flavor can be difficult but you have got to do it.  Besides the more flavors you have in your cake, the more you will pay for it. Can’t decide on one flavor? Give your guests an option by having cupcakes or mini cakes in different flavors. You can then have a one or two tier cake wedding cake in your favorite flavor.

Not ordering a big enough cake:  Many brides want to save the top layer of their cake and hold to the tradition of eating it on their first anniversary.  But if you didn’t order a big enough cake, your top layer might have to be given to guests.  Ask your baker what would be the best size to get for the number of guests you are anticipating.

Creating a cake with too much color or decorations:  Who doesn’t love color and thinks white cake is boring?  But too much color can also create problems such as stained teeth or stains on clothes should it fall.  Adding color can be as simple as using flowers, fruit, ribbons, or having a colorful cake topper.

Forgetting about the photos of the cake:  One thing every bride wants is a picture of their cake, so be sure to bring a cake stand to place the cake on and the proper serving tools to use for the cake cutting.  If you forget those things, when you look at pictures and don’t see them, it will either be funny to you or you will look on them with sadness.  Ask a trusted friend to be in charge of those items.

Having a wedding cake that does not fit your theme:  Generally the bride’s cake is a very traditional cake and the groom’s cake shows more humor or personality.  If you want your cake to show some personality, then consider choosing a cake topper to display it.  Baseball-Cake-Topper-lYour guests will appreciate the traditional aspects of your cake as well as your sense of humor.


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