Choosing Bridesmaids Gifts

One of my favorite parts of my wedding day was being surrounded by friends and loved ones.  Most of us will admit that we choose the people with which we have the closest relationship with to be in our wedding party, to serve as our “bridesmaids”.  In some cases, this is a large group of people, while for others it may just be a couple of close friends.  No matter which is the case it is important that you as the bride provide a gift or a “favor” for your bridesmaids to say “thank you” for investing their time in your big day.  bridesmaids_feet

Choosing bridesmaids gift can be fun, but it may also be an area of stress for you, another item to consider and thing to get done. Please don’t stress, this can be a fun area of the wedding planning process and there are now so many options available today that you are sure to find something perfect.  Just give it some thought and consider the following options:

Make it personal. Whether it be a personalized picture frame that they can later put a picture of the two of you together in after the wedding or a personal gift that you know they would enjoy, such as a fuzzy robe or a pair of earrings, making the gift  personal whether that means personalized by you or a gift of a more personal nature.  You can truly add an extra special touch and let them know you appreciate them by choosing something like this.

Make it match your theme. Another option is to have your attendant gifts match the theme of your wedding, so that they will remember the events of the day fondly.   Use your theme to let your imagination run wild.

Feed them. Not literally, but food does make a great gift. Whether it be a basket of snacks and homemade goodies or a box of gourmet chocolates, show them love and appreciation through food.  There aren’t many people who would turn that down.   You could even do a gift card to a local restaurant which they could use while they are in town for the wedding.

When it comes to choosing a bridesmaids gift the most important thing to remember is that you want them to know that you appreciate them.  Remember, with any gift, it is the thought that counts.

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