Choosing a Honeymoon Destination

After the wedding, the honeymoon is something a couple really looks forward to.  The stress of wedding planning can take a toll on couples so being able to get away for awhile before beginning your new life as a married couple is so important.  But choosing where to go and how long to be away can be difficult.  The first thing to decide is how long.  Most couples are working so they usually have a week off.  But if you only have a weekend off, your honeymoon can still be wonderful.  Deciding where to go is next on the list.

top-honeymoon-destinations-for-the-frugal-couple-hawaiiDo you love the beach?  If you live close to a beach, congratulations you can find a place to stay pretty easy. But another option to try is an all inclusive resort.  The only thing you will have to spend extra on is trips away from the resort.  Otherwise pack some swimsuits and sunscreen and you are set for a special time at the beach.


If the beach is not your cup of tea, what about the mountains? Do you love to hike and explore new areas or maybe ski or snowboard? Trips to the mountains offer many opportunities for outdoor adventures.

3742690_origMaybe you have a couple of weeks to be gone and love to travel the world.  A trip to Europe, Africa or South America is a great way to visit many countries and explore new cultures.


Cruises are also a popular way to visit several locations yet maintain a home base in which to travel from.  Cruises are also offered from weekends to several weeks. Plus cruises travel all over the world from the Caribbean to Europe to Alaska to the South Pacific.

The options for honeymoon locations are numerous.  Set time aside to discuss how you want to spend this precious time away as a newly married couple.  Consulting a travel agent specializing in the area you want to visit is a good idea too.  They will know all the great deals available to make your honeymoon special and one to remember.

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